Pool Deck and Patio Cleaning by Shine of Eastern Suffolk County, Westhampton Beach

Pool Deck and Patio Cleaning by Shine of Eastern Suffolk County, Westhampton Beach

Owning a pool has some wonderful benefits; it is by far one of the best places to enjoy spending time with your friends and family during the warm summer months. From barbecues and birthday parties to pool parties and picnics, a pool in your backyard can be a major gathering area when the warm weather hits. You deserve to spend summer days outdoors enjoying the fruits of your labor, not laboring to keep it all clean. That’s where we come in! Shine is here to help you with your spring cleaning; we will professionally clean your deck, so it looks its best. We do the work, so you don’t have to. We will make your patio and pool area shine! To request a free quote, call us at our Westhampton Beach location today! (631) 998-0998 click here.

Professional Pressure Washing by Shine

Spring Cleaning 

Start the season off right with a pool deck and patio cleaning by Shine of Long Island Westhampton Beach. Clear your pool’s surroundings of winter’s mess with professional pressure washing by Shine. Clean surfaces are less likely to harbor moss, mildew, and other slippery stuff that make your poolside hazardous. Starting the season off with the cleanest deck or patio possible is your best bet to ensure your pool looks its best all season long. 

Pool areas require much maintenance compared to other surfaces on your property. When getting ready for pool season or prepping for a gathering or celebration, put Shine first on the list to deep clean these areas to keep them looking their best!


Cleaning for Parties or Gatherings

Having a pool on your property can be wonderful all summer long. It provides a place for the kids to gather for celebrations of all kinds, a place to beat the heat of a Long Island summer. Of course, the downside to having a pool on the property is finding the time and energy to maintain it. Patios and pool areas need a special kind of attention. Unfortunately, a garden hose is insufficient to clean this part of your property properly, but Shine® is fully equipped to tackle this project easily.

Our patio and pool pressure washing services are time-tested to remove the following:

  • Grime
  • Stains
  • Pool chemicals
  • Moss
  • Mold 
  • Mildew

With our eco-friendly cleaning products and technicians skilled at safely and properly cleaning decks and patios made out of any material, you can feel at ease knowing you have chosen a company that takes pride in delivering superior cleaning services. With Shine of Westhampton Beach, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Check out these fun pool-enhancing ideas from HGTV.


Getting Ready to Sell? 

Functional outdoor space can see a positive return on investment when you are reselling your home—that return on investment increases when your pool deck and patio look clean and well-maintained. Realtors will tell you that pressure washing the outdoor gathering areas of your home is worth the cost. So if you want to sell, call Shine for a free estimate. We not only clean decks and patios, but we also provide the following:

  • Window Cleaning
  • Window Frame and Screen Screen Cleaning
  • Soft Roof Washing
  • Soft Home Washing and Pressure Washing
  • Home Detailing
  • Pressure Washing of retaining walls, fences, sheds, driveways, walkways, and much more! 


Let Us Do the Dirty Work for You!

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