The Surprising Benefits of Pure Water Window Cleaning

For years people have relied on traditional methods to keep their windows clean. But with the emergence of pure water window cleaning, it’s time to welcome a more efficient and effective way of getting streak-free, spotless windows.

Here’s how pure water cleaning works and why it outshines traditional window cleaning methods.

How Pure Water Cleaning Works and Why It’s Better than Traditional Methods

Pure water window cleaning, also known as water-fed pole cleaning, is a modern method of cleaning windows. It uses purified water that is free from impurities and minerals, like  calcium, magnesium and sodium that can cause streaks and spots on the glass.

This technique transforms tap water into pure, mineral-free water using reverse osmosis and deionization to ensure no substances remain on the glass surfaces, resulting in a film-less, smear-free finish.

How Does Pure Water Cleaning Work? 

Technicians use  special equipment called a water-fed pole, a long telescopic pole fitted with a brush at the end. The brush is connected to a water source that supplies the purified water. The technician brushes the windows, loosening and removing dirt, grime and other particles. The pure water is continuously pumped through the brush, rinsing away the dirt and leaving a streak-free finish as it dries naturally.

Why Is Pure Water Cleaning Better Than Traditional Methods?

  1. Pure water cleaning  eliminates the need for chemical cleaning agents.

This is beneficial for anyone  concerned about potential health risks with using harsh chemicals in their living or working spaces.

  1. Pure water cleaning allows for a more efficient cleaning process.

The long reach of the water-fed pole helps  technicians clean windows up to several stories high without the need for ladders or scaffolding. This saves time, reduces the risk of accidents and ensures that all windows are  cleaned effectively.

  1. Pure water cleaning delivers exceptional results.

The absence of mineral-rich water means  that windows dry naturally without streaks or spots, leaving a crystal-clear finish that enhances the appearance of any building. The purity of the water also reduces the chances of new streaks or spots forming after the cleaning process, making it  last longer.

Pure water cleaning offers a superior and more advanced approach to window cleaning. By using deionized water and specialized equipment, it provides streak-free, spotless and environmentally friendly results. So, it’s time to bid farewell to traditional methods and embrace the innovation of pure water cleaning for sparkling windows that truly make a difference.

Shine Window Cleaning of Denver – Window Cleaning Method

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