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Welcome to Shine of Denver, your premier destination for expert landscape lighting services. Located among the Rocky Mountains and known for its vibrant outdoor lifestyle, Denver offers a unique blend of natural beauty and urban charm. Whether your home is surrounded by greenery or located on a busy downtown street, we have the solutions to brighten your property.  Here at Shine, we’re passionate about enhancing the safety and aesthetic of your Denver home. With our high-quality LED lighting products and 100% satisfaction guarantee, we’re committed to making your property shine as brightly as the city itself. Let us help you bring out the best in your home, so you can enjoy your outdoor spaces even more, day or night! 

Illuminate Your Home with Residential Outdoor Lighting Services

Transform your home with Shine’s exceptional landscape lighting services. We specialize in crafting lighting designs that elevate your home’s safety, beauty, and overall functionality. From detailed design consultations to seamless installation and year-round maintenance, our comprehensive approach promises your lighting system stays flawless.

As Denver locals, we recognize the diverse climate’s impact and the importance of durable, adaptable outdoor lighting. Our products are designed to withstand Denver’s varying conditions, providing reliable performance no matter the weather. With Shine, your property will not only be safer but will also create a welcoming glow that brightens your home. 

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Landscape Lighting Services from Shine Include:

Landscape Lighting Styles

Even with Denver’s average of 300 days of sunlight per year, the beauty of your property doesn’t have to fade when the sun sets.

We’ll create a unique design curated for your home, incorporating different landscape lighting styles and products, including:

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Highlight trees or accent your home with stunning lights that cast an upward shine.

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Downlighting & Pathways

Keep walkways visible and safe while creating a moonlit glow with downlighting.

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Visually transform stone and rocky hardscapes with specialty lighting.

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Speciality String Lights

Give a welcoming charm to outdoor living spaces such as patios and decks with string lighting.

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Make outdoor spaces more vibrant and enjoyable with accent lighting to enhance the natural beauty of lawns, gardens, and more.

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Transform Your Denver Home with Landscape Lighting

Your home deserves to shine, and we are here to make it happen, illuminating your outdoor areas to their full potential. Whether it’s brightening up gardens, and pathways, or accentuating patios and architectural elements, our custom approach guarantees lighting that provides safety, ambiance, and curb appeal.

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