Family opens business
Family moves 1300 mi to open window cleaning business in Lakeway, Texas


In 2006 Lee worked at Shine as an entry level employee washing windows in college.  He went to college and graduated with a degree in 2008.  He landed a job in his field of study soon after.  However, he became to lose his passion in it.

In 2009, he returned to Shine to become the Sales Manager where he found his true passion – small business.  He liked how Shine Window Care cared about people.  The company was about serving people and creating its own niche via window cleaning to completely give customers experiences that they weren’t expecting.  He wrote over $250,000 in new business in the window cleaning company that year.  By 2011, he was promoted to General Manager of the original location in Holland, Michigan where he grew the 12 year old company 68% in 12 months.   He felt God blessing him in tremendous ways through being given opportunity after opportunity and he just couldn’t wait to get into work each day!

In 2012 Lee & Kelsey DeJonge were given the opportunity to purchase the original and first Shine Window Care and Holiday Lighting location in Holland, Michigan directly from the company founder.  Ever since, God has led the DeJonge family down an exciting journey and they have a strong desire to develop other individuals and hope to someday have the opportunity to bless them in the same way they were blessed.

In the fall of 2012 they had a desire to start a brand new location from nothing to something in Lansing, Michigan!  They developed that location with hundreds and hundreds of happy customers and eventually sold the location to another fresh entrepreneur.

By fall of 2014 they took what they learned and launched another 2 locations in Novi, Michigan and Bloomfield Hills, Michigan where their Christmas light installation business immediately took off landing them deals with professional athletes and well known business men & women in the suburbs of Detroit.

At this point their locations in Holland, Novi, and Bloomfield Hills are still growing tremendously.  Each month sales have grown month over month but are still lacking January through March.

However, they were starting to see a large and scale-able business model shape up before their eyes.  Lee finally had the opportunity to pay it forward with the opportunity he was given just years ago and promoted from within by giving an opportunity to Mike Mulder to run the Holland, Michigan location and Brett Jasch to operate the Novi and Bloomfield, MI locations where they are flourishing tremendously.

Lee and his family were sent by the Shine franchise company to Texas for the first time in 2015 to help launch another franchise in Houston, Texas where they worked with the new business owners to get their business going the first week.  During this time they fell in love with Texas.  They loved the people, they loved the community, they loved the weather, and they started to feel like Texas could be their soon to be home!

While their family owned business grew larger in Michigan they also grew a larger hole in their downtime January through March.  They wanted to come up with a fun and smart way to keep some of their Michigan employees busy during the winter and solidify their portfolio as a whole.

By early 2016 the DeJonge family made several trips down to Texas where they have felt called to move to the community of Lakeway, Texas just west of Austin.  They will launch their next Shine Window Care and Holiday Lighting franchise in Lakeway by August of 2016.  The plan is to grow this into a large location where Michigan employees can come down and work throughout the slow times in Michigan and also give individuals opportunities that may not exist elsewhere!

Not only will the DeJonge family be launching this window cleaning business in Austin Texas but they will be relocating their entire family as part of this fun journey God has led them down.  Please pray for them as they get connected within their local community, enrolling their children in schools, getting the business off the ground, and finding a local church community that they can be weaved into.  Stay tuned as their story just keeps getting more fun to watch!



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