Commercial Window Cleaning Services with a Satisfaction Guarantee From Shine Window Care

You value your customers and your business. As business owners ourselves, we understand how important high-quality services are to the health of your business. At Shine Window Care we proud to offer professional commercial window cleaning services to enhance the appearance of your building and the success of your business!

Make Your Business Shine with Our Commercial Window Clean Services

We provide commercial window cleanings to a range of commercial buildings including:

  • restaurants / banks / small businesses / retail centers / storefronts
  • retirement homes / apartment complexes
  • hospitals / industrial / airports


Quality and Safety Always Come First

To best explain how our services function as an investment in your business, allow us to describe our affordable commercial window cleaning service.

We start by working around your complex schedules to avoid unnecessary disruption of your work. That means we work to schedule cleanings at a time that works your and your customers.  For smaller buildings, we hand scrub and squeegee each individual window. We also towel dry all edges and frames to avoid streaking and spotting.

For larger buildings, we also use our detailed cleaning approach. For safety, we use a lift or water-fed pole system. This system allows us to ensure safety standards are met while working in limited concrete areas, new landscaping, or around sand dunes.

The water-fed pole system takes care of large commercial window cleaning in a unique and efficient way through de-ionized water from reverse osmosis. This environmentally safe option makes use of natural elements such as salt, resin beads, and carbon sediment. Keeping things clean and green is the Shine cleaning way!

Enjoy Consistently Clean Windows

Of course, there will come a time when your windows will need another good cleaning. Instead of trying to juggle your business operations and schedule cleaning service, let us handle the scheduling for your with our maintenance plans. These customizable hassle-free window cleaning plans are designed to meet your needs.

Commercial customers can choose from weekly, bi-weekly, annual, or a personalized service plan. These plans pre-schedule you for 1 year of services ensuring your preferred dates. Simply set it up one time and forget calling again for future appointments. Spend more time on your business and less time on the phone. We’ll provide you with a friendly reminder before the services are rendered.

Experienced and Professional Commercial New Construction Window Cleaning

There’s a lot to new construction services. Bright, shining windows will certainly make your customers happy. But who has the time to deep clean and squeegee dry? Shine does! Our top-notch services are preferred by well-known builders and construction companies.

By working with your schedule and understanding the needs of your clients, we’re able to offer services that truly help your business flourish.

What do top-notch commercial window cleaning services entail? A 100% clean, safe, and consistently effective experience! Our detailed systems for cleaning everything from cupboard glass to French doors are the hallmarks of the Shine Window Cleaning experience.

If we can build an efficient system, we’ll do it to exceed the expectations of clients like you.

We guarantee our work. Our services are done the right way, always. To learn more about the Shine window cleaning services for commercial buildings, contact us today. We’re ready to truly make your business shine!