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In the heart of Texas, where live music resonates and the spirit of Austin shines bright, Austin Four Points is on the move. As the city streets echo with festive tunes and the Hill Country region gleams with the spirit of the holidays, we take pride in our growing city, and how we celebrate the Christmas season is no exception. Drawing inspiration from Austin’s vibrant festivities and parks adorned in lights, get a jump on your Christmas decorating with professional holiday lighting installation services from Shine of Austin The Four Points. This year, bask in the Austin holiday traditions, relax, and enjoy your holiday decorations, and leave the work to Shine!

Professional holiday lighting installation not only highlights your property but adds to the warmth of Austin’s holiday spirit. In what can be a busy season of supporting local businesses and joining in city festivals, leaving Christmas light installation to the professionals ensures you contribute to the city’s charm without the stress. It’s a joy to come home to an Austin-style house that is beautifully decorated.

Shine of Austin The Four Points team offers professional holiday lighting design, installation, removal, and storage services. We’ll bring your design to life with a variety of Christmas decorations that include:

  • Candy Cane Look, Cool White or Warm White with Red
  • Multi-Color Lights
  • Red & Green Lights
  • Icicle Lights
  • Timeless Warm White Bulbs
  • Alternate your Trees or Shrubs with Red or Green

All holiday lights are installed on the edges of your home with special clips that prevent damage. We also have stake lighting for walkways, wreaths, wreath hanging services, and garland for pillars, porches, and railings.

Local professional christmas light installers in Austin, TX

In a city that thrives on local culture and authentic Texan flair, Shine of The Austin Four Points is proud to be locally owned and operated. Just as Austin is known for its unique blend of country, blues, and rock, Shine has been orchestrating a symphony of lights, installing Christmas lights and décor for multiple years for hundreds of customers. Immerse yourself in Austin’s rich holiday traditions as our teams, deeply rooted in the community, are professionally trained annually to match the city’s eclectic style and stay on top of lighting design trends and equipment. Shine of Austin Four Points is fully insured and uses premium lighting and décor, ensuring your home or business stands out in true Austin fashion.

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Shining Results in Texas

More than just holiday lighting installation

We don’t stop at Christmas light installation. In addition to holiday lighting, we provide wreaths and garlands to complete your holiday decorations. Our design team will work with you to bring your vision to life, including decorating trees, shrubs, and the exterior of your home.

When you choose Shine of Austin The Four Points, you can count on high-quality products, a nationally known company with local owners who take pride in brightening our community for the holiday season or any special occasion. 


Commercial Christmas Light Installation

Being in Austin means celebrating with zest, and the holidays are no different. With the city coming alive in festive splendor, get back to business and entrust the Christmas light and holiday decoration installation to us! As Austin’s streets, bars, and restaurants buzz with holiday merriment, brighten the day of your employees, customers, and visitors, enhancing the Austin holiday experience without adding an extra item to your to-do list. Our commercial Christmas light installation complements Austin’s festive soul and is ideal for the city’s diverse range of establishments.

Best of all, we remove the decorations after the holidays and store them for you until next year. 

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Special Event Lighting Installation

While Christmas in Austin is a spectacle, the city’s spirit thrives throughout the year. Christmas time may be the star when it comes to lighting displays, but Austin’s celebrations span all seasons. Whether it’s capturing the city’s lively music scene, the warmth of summer nights, or festive gatherings, leave the intricate lighting details to Shine. We’ll add Austin’s signature touch with professional lighting for events that resonate with Austin’s heartbeat, from vibrant weddings to relaxed evenings on porches and decks, and more.

We also work with cities and municipalities to help light and decorate buildings and trees for special occasions, including:

  • Halloween lighting
  • Valentine’s Day Lighting
  • St. Patrick’s Day Lighting
  • Outdoor patio and bistro lighting
  • Small outdoor venue lighting

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