Roof Cleaning Services in Massapequa, Massapequa Park, and North Massapequa New York

Shine of Long Island Provides Professional Roof Cleaning Services to Homes and Businesses in the Massapequas.

What exactly is Roof Cleaning?

Roof cleaning is completed using a process called Soft Roof Washing.  Soft washing is a cleaning method that uses low-pressure water and proprietary cleaning solutions to safely remove mildew, stains, streaks, bird droppings, bacteria, algae and other organic buildups from roofs.

Roofs require a gentle touch.  Roof shingles, chimney seams, and other seams might not stand up to the pressure of a full powered spray hose or pressure washer.   Shine has the specialized tools needed to clean any type of roof surface safely. 

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Why have Shine Clean your Roof in Massapequa? 

Noticing dark streaks, moss, dirt or mildew on your roof is not the only reason to have it cleaned. 

Roof Cleaning helps to maintain the health of your roof.  

Our teams will notice and report any issues we might see when we are on your roof.  

When is the Best Time to Clean your Roof in Massapequa? 

Shine cleans roofs in the spring and in autumn when temperatures are cooler.  In order to protect your landscaping and summer blooms, it is not recommended to complete your roof cleaning during the  summertime.    Shine uses several techniques to protect the landscaping surrounding your home from the dirt and debris that will come off of your roof, this might include covering your plants,  which is not recommended during days with elevated temperatures. 

Why Use Shine of Long Island?

Protection: Not all companies take the time to protect your landscaping, but the professionals at Shine will protect the plants surrounding your home.  We will not perform roof cleaning in the heat of summer. 

Insurance:  We are insured in accordance with Long Island regulations. 

Professional Services: Shine delivers professional services with a smile. 

Expertise: Our crews are highly trained.  They have experience with roofing materials used on everything from high-end homes to small businesses.

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Looking for Roof Cleaning in Massapequa, Massapequa Park, and North Massapequa?  

Call Shine of Long Island for a Free Quote: 516-255-4343

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