Custom Outdoor Lighting Designs for
Overland Park Homes

Overland Park, KS radiates with Shine’s professional landscape lighting services, illuminating not just the city itself but extending to neighboring areas such as Olathe, Lenexa, Ridgeview, Sylvan Grove, Cedar Creek, Rosehill Pointe, and Havencroft! 

Our commitment is to enrich the allure of our community and your residence, ensuring that your property captivates both during the day and night. We strive for excellence in landscape lighting design, utilizing premium LED lighting solutions and providing a 100% satisfaction guarantee, esteemed by homeowners across the region.

Residential Outdoor Lighting

Illuminate your Overland Park property with Shine’s professional landscape lighting services, dispelling darkness and enhancing safety. Our premium products not only create a unique ambiance but also ensure secure navigation of outdoor spaces at night, deterring potential intruders. With a harmonious blend of elegance and functionality, our lighting solutions distinguish your property, potentially increasing its curb appeal and value.

From the initial design consultation to installation and maintenance, our dedicated team manages every aspect of your project. We work closely with you to craft a lighting design that perfectly complements your home, ensuring seamless integration of lights and electrical components. Our commitment extends to year-round maintenance, ensuring prompt assistance for any repairs or replacements needed.

Understanding the investment in landscape lighting means considering various factors, including the type of lighting, project scope, and your property’s unique needs. We pride ourselves on offering customized solutions that fit any budget, backed by transparent pricing to ensure there are no surprises. Let us help you illuminate your home’s beauty, safety, and security.

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What Do You Get with Landscape Lighting from Shine of Overland Park?

Landscape Lighting Techniques

Transform your Overland Park area home with a variety of lighting styles that showcase its best features through every season. From the warmth of summer evenings to the crisp air of winter nights, your home will shine year-round. 

Our design approach incorporates various landscape lighting styles and products, including:

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Illumination that highlights trees, architectural details, and key landscape features.

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Downlighting & Pathways

Soft, overhead lighting paired with pathway illumination enhances safety and mimics natural moonlight, blending beauty with functionality.

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Integrating lights into rock, stone, or other hardscape elements.

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Speciality String Lights

Bistro lights that add charm to pool areas, patios, decks, and other outdoor spaces you wish to highlight and enjoy.

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Accent lighting that enhances the beauty of your lawn, gardens, and home exterior.

Enjoy Overland Park All Year Round with Our Lighting Services


Enhance the atmosphere of your Overland Park residence with Shine’s landscape lighting. Picture your outdoor areas undergoing a stunning transformation: gardens and pathways softly illuminated for evening relaxation, patios glowing for gatherings, and the architectural features of your home highlighted. Our lighting solution imbues your home with a sense of warmth and allure, ideal for all your outdoor occasions.

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