Illuminate Your North Georgia Home with
Shine’s Expert Landscape Lighting 

Shine of North Georgia provides professional landscape lighting services from Afton to Woodstock, serving every community along the way. We’re committed to enhancing both our community and your residence, ensuring the beauty of your property is illuminated day and night.

Local Georgia residents appreciate our landscape lighting design proficiency, supported by our use of superior LED lighting products and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our professionals are in your neighborhood and ready to help make your home shine!

Brighten Your Home with Professional Landscape Lighting

Say goodbye to living in the shadows and embrace a personalized illuminated landscape that sets your property apart. We offer the highest quality of landscape lighting available. We have confidence that our products can withstand the test of time as well as Georgia’s humid climate and warranties are included for your peace of mind.

Our outdoor lighting solutions ensure your home stands out while safeguarding your family. Illuminated landscapes give your home a unique ambiance as well as provide safety and security, by making your outdoor spaces safe to navigate at night and deterring potential intruders.

Our professionals make implementing landscape lighting a breeze by providing initial design consultations, a demo kit that trials what outdoor lighting will look like on your property, a seamless installation with buried wires, and routine maintenance. The Shine team is committed to managing every aspect of your outdoor lighting solutions every step of the way.

Shine understands the investment of landscape lighting and takes pride in tailoring solutions that are adaptable to any budget, there are never any surprises with our transparent pricing.

We customize the type of lighting, project scope, and your unique property requirements to provide an outdoor lighting display that fits all of your needs.

Shine Landscape Lighting services
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What Do You Get with Landscape Lighting from Shine?

Landscape Lighting Styles

Transform your property into the showpiece of your neighborhood with Shine of North Georgia’s professional landscape lighting services that are sure to make your home Shine through every season.

Our design approach incorporates various landscape lighting styles and products, including:

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Fixtures that sit at a low level make a high impact by highlighting trees, and key landscape features, and accenting your home.

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Downlighting & Pathways

High-level fixtures with soft overhead lighting to illuminate pathways, yard, and high points. These lights mimic natural moonlight to be both functional and aesthetic.

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Transform your hardscape features like rocks, stones, and your homes unique elements by integrating lights.

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Speciality String Lights

Bistro lighting is perfect for outdoor gathering areas like patios, decks, pool areas, and other places you want to see and enjoy.

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Accent lighting that enhances the beauty of your lawn, gardens, backyard oasis, and other areas that highlight your home.

Shine landscape lighting

Transform Your Home with Landscape Lighting from Shine


Enhance the atmosphere of your Georgia home with Shine’s professional landscape lighting! Transform your outdoor space into a charming oasis for relaxation and entertainment year-round. With a perfect blend of sophistication and functionality, Shine of North Georgia is ready to help elevate your property’s appeal and value with our professional lighting designs.

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