Shine Lives out its Core Values

Shine Serves Houston in the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

Living your company’s core values: Shine Window Care and Holiday Lighting in the news The Shine Window Care and Holiday Lighting website lists “Be a Light” as the first of its 4 core values: Chris Fisher the founder and CEO of Shine explained that: “We are a business that wants to show love and kindness to all people. Our organization

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What does the SHINE 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Mean?

At Shine we want to gain our customer’s trust so they can be our customers as long as they live in their home. The only way our business works is to find a community of people and serve them well. That way they will call us when their windows need to be washed, their siding gets dirty, or they want

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Does Pressure Washing Damage Vinyl Siding?

One of the best ways to keep your home or business well-maintained is to pressure wash the surface regularly. This keeps dirt, mold, and any other debris off the building so that it always looks great. Pressure washing can be used on everything from wood to brick to vinyl siding, making it a very popular service here at Shine Window

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Did You Know You Should Buy Your Christmas Lights in February?

Was your lighting display a little less than you wanted it to be this last Christmas? Maybe you couldn’t find all the lighting and decoration products that you wanted or maybe you just waited too long to start planning. If you want to ensure the success of Christmas lighting plans for the next holiday season, the best thing you can

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Shine Takes Care of Your Home and Safety

You probably have no issues staying on top of your regular home cleaning, but there are some home maintenance and cleaning tasks that might be better left to professionals. Some of these jobs might require special equipment that you do not own, and many of these tasks could put your safety at risk. What are the Dangers? It is understandable

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