Professional Holiday Lighting in Knoxville, TN

Shine of Knoxville provides expert Christmas light installation right here in our community! Our team of professionals handles everything from collaborating with you on the lighting design and installation to maintenance and removal. We make it easy for Knoxville and surrounding areas to Shine!

Whether you’re looking to brighten up your home or business, the team at Shine is fully equipped to make your holiday lighting display dreams come true. Our team also takes into account safety, for the home, the residents, and visitors. No detail is overlooked when the team of Shine is involved.

Premier Holiday Light Installers Near Knoxville

When you work with Shine of Knoxville, you’re guaranteed professional service and high-quality products from our insured team of lighting professionals. Each year, our team attends Shine’s National Holiday Light Training alongside our other locations across the country, ensuring we’re always on top of the latest holiday light trends and techniques.

Being a customer of Shine gives you a 100% satisfaction guarantee that we’re always on your side – whether a light bulb goes out or your garland needs to be re-strung – we’ve got your back. So sit back, relax, and let the skilled professionals at Shine handle all your lighting and decoration needs this holiday season.

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Shining Results in East Tennessee

More than just holiday lighting installation

Shine of Knoxville goes beyond just lighting up your holidays (because we’re absolutely in love with the festive season!). As the sun sets, let your property become a beacon of joy with our diverse range of holiday accessories. From dazzling wreaths and garlands to whimsical lawn ornaments, we offer everything to make your space truly shine. Our team ensures that every nook of your property, from bustling city streets to peaceful neighborhoods, reflects the joyful essence of Knoxville. With our expertise, even those challenging spots will be safely and beautifully lit. So, why not take a page out of the holiday classics and leave the decorating to the pros?

Let Shine of Knoxville bring the magic of the season to your doorstep, making your holiday bright and stress-free.


Commercial Christmas Light Installation

When it comes to spreading holiday cheer, we don’t stop at residential homes! Shine of Knoxville is equipped to handle storefronts, offices, and other commercial properties.

We’ll work with you to design festive lighting displays perfectly suited to your business, and don’t worry about the cleanup and storage – we’ve got it covered. As Knoxville’s premier holiday lighting professionals, we help take the stress out of the busiest time of year. Leave your business’s holiday decorating to the experts this season.

Contact us today, (865) 399-3718 or request your estimate today.

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Special Event Lighting Installation

While Christmas light installation is a big part of our business, our professional lighting services are ideal for special events at any time of the year. From wedding venues to corporate events, or simply being that stand-out seasonal home, we add that extra touch to any event.

We work with many different cities and municipalities to help light and decorate buildings and trees for special occasions, too.

  • Halloween Lighting
  • Outdoor Patio & Bistro Lighting
  • Valentine’s Day Lighting
  • St. Patrick’s Day Lighting
  • Independence Day Lighting
  • Veteran’s Day Lighting

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