Christmas & Holiday Lighting Installation in Omaha, NE

With the help of a few elves this holiday season, Omaha can be known for three C’s – corn, cattle and CHRISTMAS! Okay, maybe that’s a little extreme, but for the team at Shine, nothing is impossible.

For years, the local team in Omaha has been training and learning and working to create one-of-a-kind, custom holiday lighting experiences for both residential and commercial locations. 

This year, we want to take the holiday stress off of you – giving you the gift of time and relaxation this holiday season. Enjoy what Omaha has to offer and leave the heavy lifting (and heavy decorating) to us!

Not only does the team at Shine come complete with planning and design capabilities, but we even do the clean-up after the holidays! Those holiday lights won’t be up for months; we take it down and pack it up, included!

Whether you’re looking for a Clark Griswold type of home, maybe the house from A Christmas Story, or something traditional and classy like the stunner in Home Alone, we have a plan and design for you! Our teams also take into account safety, for the home, the residents and visitors. No detail is overlooked when the team of Shine is involved. 

Shine team member installing holiday lighting on a tree.

Local Professional Christmas Light Installers Near You

With a local commitment and national backing, Shine has been in business for decades, proudly residing and working in the Omaha area. As true Cornhuskers, we’re hardworking people, who happen to be a little crazy when it comes to Christmas. The Shine network spans 45+ franchises, each attending the national holiday lighting training every year.

Each Omaha team is insured, experienced and some of the top elves—we mean—employees in the area. Local customers in Omaha can expect professional service, high quality products and national backing from our team year-after-year.

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More Than Just Holiday Lighting Installation

Christmas lights in Omaha might be the “big show,” but it’s not the only trick in our Christmas bag. Whether you’re looking for traditional or modern, outrageous or simple, our team can design it and install it. 

Plus, we offer wreaths and garland to complete your planned décor. We take your vision and make it a reality. 


Commercial Christmas Light Installation

Skip the Secret Santa exchange and treat the entire office to a holiday extravaganza they can all be proud of. Our lighting team doesn’t strictly work in residential areas, but expands to commercial buildings as well. Lighten up your business or office with lighting, wreaths and holiday decor. 

Plus, our team does it all from set-up to tear down—even packing and storing for next year.

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Special Event Lighting Installation

Okay, so Christmas light installation might be a big part of our business, but we admit, it doesn’t have to be the reason for some good old fashioned lighting!

We love any excuse to decorate, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, business milestones—if you have the reason, we have the lighting!

We work with many different cities and municipalities to help light and decorate buildings and trees for special occasions too.

  • Halloween Lighting
  • Outdoor Patio & Bistro Lighting
  • Valentine’s Day Lighting
  • St. Patrick’s Day Lighting

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