Thank You for your interest in Shine.  We are a young company with an excellent business model and tremendous growth potential.  The owners of our established locations are realizing the dream of owning their own business and all of the benefits that come with joining the team at Shine.

Perhaps the most important part of franchising is partnering with the right person.  If you are willing to work hard to establish a client base this business can provide an excellent lifestyle for you and your family for years to come.  When we find the right person to help us share our company culture we are more than willing to invest in making you a partner in our business.

We have an incredible reputation in our field, industry leading marketing materials, and a best in class website that is built to send customers your way.  We have all the tools you will need to be successful and are willing to go the extra mile to help you realize your dreams.

If you have a plan and a vision for your Shine location, share it with us…If it sounds like the kind of plan we are looking for we will find the right spot for you!

Top Ten Reasons to Own a Shine…

  1. The freedom of owning your own business
  2. You will be able to create jobs in your community
  3. Anyone can learn this business model and it is easy to manage
  4. No nights, No weekends, flexible scheduling
  5. Washing windows can never be outsourced to a foreign country
  6. You already have a client List…you know lots of people who have windows that need to be washed
  7. Two business models in one…Holiday lighting will provide an additional revenue stream during the winter months
  8. We are committed to being the best in Web-Based Marketing and Search Engine Optimization
  9. 15 years of proven success and a team of people at headquarters dedicated to training, and the success of your business.
  10. First in Class marketing materials.

Top Ten Things you should know about Shine…

  1. We are very interested in making a Difference in the World
  2. We are so dedicated to training not only in window cleaning but in business that we hired a college professor to ensure the most comprehensive business training
  3. We give back by supporting programs locally and in Africa through our Shine516 Program
  4. We have a track record of success
  5. Our Marketing Materials and Website are second to none in the Industry
  6. Our business model is focused on serving High-End residential customers
  7. All of our employees are committed to making your business successful
  8. We exist to glorify God
  9. Franchisees do not have to have any experience in the industry…We have a team ready to train you in all areas
  10. We celebrate excellent customer service as an organization

Top Ten Attributes of a Successful Franchisee…

  1. Understands the commitment and hard work that is needed for success
  2. Is comfortable selling
  3. Has knowledge of the community and is well connected in the area where the franchise is located
  4. Has enough liquid capital to get the business off the ground
  5. Understands the Importance of the clean image needed to service our target market
  6. Knowledge of sales and marketing is very helpful to getting started
  7. Has a servants heart…Customer service is the key to this business
  8. Has a genuine love of people
  9. Is comfortable on a ladder, or is prepared to hire someone who is
  10. Is ready to be part of a team that is committed to incredible success

Franchise Fee Discounts Available…

  1. We offer Discounts based on the quality of a unique Shine business Plan
  2. We offer Discounts to Veterans
  3. We offer Discounts to Missionaries, Pastors, Police and Fire Fighters
  4. We offer Discounts for existing Window Cleaning Companies


  • “Go Team!” At Shine Window Cleaning, we believe in caring, hands-on franchise relationships and ongoing coaching and communication between franchisor and franchisee.  We also value your role as a business owner and promise you autonomy and respect in all part of the business.
  • Unique from the start: There’s limited national competition in this industry.
  • We’ll always be here for you: You’ll enjoy a superior franchisee training program plus strong franchisee marketing support from Shine.
  • Flexibility: Set your own schedule, work independently from home or hire and train your Shine staff with our support.
  • Be Master of Your Domain! We guarantee protected territories for our franchisees.
  • Easy Startup: Enjoy an affordable initial investment and ongoing low overhead.
  • Be Part of a Company with a conscience: Shine Window
    Cleaning’s global outreach efforts put franchisees in the spotlight – and makes you feel good about your business!

Grass Roots at its Shine-iest: Chris Fisher started his business the old fashioned way: bucket and squeegee in-hand.  Knowing full well that success in this business comes when you have a servant heart and loves to see people smile.

More than fifteen years and several new stores later, Chris understands that business development is best achieved when a customer-centric approach drives every job.

With more than 30 combined years in the window care business, Chris and his team of like-minded professionals demonstrate the best practices at all levels of a service-oriented business like Shine Window Care. Chris and his team can relate to everyone involved – from bucket-carrying trainees to staff members, store managers and franchise owners.

Chris and his team apply this same customer-centric approach to their franchisee relations, providing excellent guidance at every step of business development, training, marketing, advertising and promotion.

2 Brands = 2 Revenue Streams = Added Security


  • Residential window cleaning is a hot category for franchising: Busy families with working parents, active kids, endless messes and hectic schedules seek service providers to relieve them of major tasks at home. Plus, Shine Window Cleaning provides residential and commercial services at competitive prices so these families have more time to live, laugh and love.
  • How about these odds? Franchises enjoy a 93% success rate over the first three years, compared with only a 15% success rate of independent small business startups.
  • It just keeps getting Shinier! Shine is a business that builds on itself: Imagine a client call for Shine services after having their house painted: It’s mid-November, with Thanksgiving just around the corner and your client will serve a crowd of 15. As soon as their windows are shining clean, you learn they expect an even bigger crowd for Christmas. Shine to the rescue: You offer Shine’s holiday-light installation service
  • With 15 years of industry experience, Shine Window Cleaning offers insightful franchisee support.

We love Cleaning Windows However most people do not like cleaning windows or putting up Christmas lights.  This provides us with a very secure future.

We Want Leaders

Shine likes people who like people! Do you have a servant heart? We attract moral, caring, fun, team-spirited, hard working people. You’re the kind of person who wants to go overboard to make your customers happier than they imagined. You know your ongoing reward is the customer’s joy after you’ve left their home shining with clean glass or a brightly-lit Christmas light display.

What it will take to be awarded a Shine Franchise are the following attributes:

  • 110% “ALL-IN” commitment
  • Leadership skills
  • Passion to be the BEST service company
  • Sales and marketing experience
  • The required capital to invest
  • Service oriented: You love people and will always put your customers first!
  • You’re involved in your community and eager to provide job opportunities in your community.
  • You believe in customer service and relationship management.
  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to operate with flexible working conditions while running your own business
  • You want to learn how to build a profitable business with strong franchise teamwork.
  • You have the resources for an affordable initial investment.
  • You’re losing sleep over curiosity about how you can run your own Shine franchise!

Capital Requirements:

Per the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) the estimated initial investment ranges between $33,800 – $81,400.  Refer to Item 7 of the FDD for more details on startup costs.  The majority of the estimated initial investment includes:

  • Initial Franchise Fee including first territory: $15,000 – $23,000
  • In addition to the estimated initial investment there are monthly Royalty Fees at 6% of gross revenue.

We are sorry, but the SHINE franchise offering is not available in California, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota, North Dakota, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin at this time.