Professional Ceiling Fan Cleaning with a Satisfaction Guarantee from Shine Window Care

Dust doesn’t just accumulate on tables and furniture. Look up and chances are you’ll see dirt, dust, allergens, and cobwebs sitting on your ceiling fans just waiting to be blown all over the room.

If you are tired of trying to keep your ceiling fans clean and want a truly clean and detailed house, let our friendly home detailing professionals clean those fans for you!

Professional Ceiling Fan Cleaning

Do you know when your ceiling fan was cleaned last? Because the tops of the fan blades are always hidden from sight, it’s easy to forget. And by the time you can see the dust falling from the blades, you know you have a problem!

And the more this important cleaning chore is overlooked, the more they continue to spread dust and allergens all over your space every time you turn them on. Additionally, as dust and debris builds up on the entire fan unit, it can cause the motor inside to malfunction. If you’ve noticed that your ceiling fan isn’t getting as much speed as it used to, that could be the problem.

Giving fans a regular cleaning can be a dangerous hassle. You often have to move heavy furniture, set up a ladder, and teeter precariously to get the entire blade cleaned properly.

If your ceiling fans are installed in a vaulted ceiling, especially in a two-story space, it can be even more difficult to get them clean.

At Shine Window Care, we can clean and maintain your ceiling fans on the same visit if we come out to clean your windows, pressure wash your home or take care of any number of other home detailing services you may need. You can rest easy knowing you aren’t breathing in all that dust, and you never have to worry about doing this dangerous chore on your own.

The Simple Process

All we need to do is take a peek at where your ceiling fans are located. Then we’ll know what type of equipment to bring, such as ladders or extendable cleaning tools.

We’ll clean your ceiling fans thoroughly on the same day we get your windows sparkling clean.

With regular cleaning and upkeep from our team, your ceiling fan will stay in great shape much longer. You should notice much less dust and dirt to take care of in your space, since your fan won’t be spreading it around every time you turn it on.

Other Benefits of a Clean Ceiling Fan

Having a cleaner space, higher quality air, and a fan that operates at its most optimal performance level are not the only reasons our customers choose our fan cleaning services. In addition to these benefits, regular fan cleaning also:

  • Extends the life of your ceiling fans, saving you money and time. Quality ceiling fans that fit a large office or home can easily cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
  • Keeps you cool and comfortable, saving you money on utilities. A ceiling fan can make a room feel around five to eight degrees cooler, so you can leave the thermostat just a little higher.
  • Keeps the ceiling fan from getting too noisy. A fan full of dirt and debris won’t operate smoothly, which can cause extra noise.
  • Makes your room brighter. If your ceiling fan is also a source of ambient lighting for your space, then it’s likely that the dust is built up on the lighting fixture as well. Regular cleaning will keep your room bright and fresh.

The Shine Guarantee

We treat your home or business as if it were ours, and always strive to create life-long relationships with our customers. We offer a 100% total satisfaction guarantee, and won’t rest until you’re happy with the way your ceiling fan looks. Our cleaning methods are smart, healthy, safe, and always come with a friendly smile.

To get a free quote on our ceiling fan cleaning services, find a Shine Window Care location near you.