Professional Chandelier Cleaning with a Satisfaction Guarantee from Shine Window Care

Having a statement-making chandelier in your home or office is a fantastic way to set your space apart. But if you haven’t realized this already, you’ll soon see that there’s one big drawback to chandeliers: the cleaning!

With all the fine detail, tiny crevices, and delicate parts of a chandelier, it is a little daunting to get your fixture all shined up. And because chandeliers are a lighting fixture, any dust, cobwebs, dirt, and allergens that are hiding in all the little cracks are always noticeable when you turn it on.

Shine Window Care offers professionally trained chandelier cleaning as part of our home detailing services to ensure that your statement piece is always saying the right thing!

Professional Chandelier Cleaning Service

It doesn’t matter if you have a simple chandelier with just a few decorative features, or an exquisite hand-blown glass chandelier that doubles as art – we clean them all.

While reaching the fixture can be dangerous and difficult, the biggest problem that most people face when cleaning chandeliers is getting the fixture perfectly clean without breaking any of the delicate parts. Our team has the training and equipment necessary to remove dust and debris from every part of the fixture, while ensuring that nothing breaks.

Clean chandeliers cast bright, sparkling light all around your space. If you’ve noticed that your lighting has taken on a dull or yellow appearance, it’s time for a good cleaning.

You’ll be amazed at how much better the rest of your décor looks when your lighting fixture is casting crystal clear illumination.

Clean chandeliers also help keep the rest of your space clean. Without the dust falling from your chandelier every time air blows by, it’s much easier to keep your space allergen-free.

Our Easy Process

When we arrive at your home or office to clean your windows, we can clean your chandelier in the same trip! All we need to do is take a look at the chandelier, so we know what types of equipment to bring with us.

Then our friendly, trained professionals will shine your chandelier up until it looks brand new.

Your space will always have a gorgeous lighting fixture that can be admired by anyone who sees it!

The Shine Guarantee

It is our goal that every job we do turns into a life-long relationship with our customers. If you are not happy with the way your chandelier looks after we’ve cleaned it, we won’t rest until you are.

We want you to be so happy that you can’t wait to tell your friends about us, so your satisfaction is always our top concern. Our team always works to provide smart, healthy, safe, and friendly service to you.

We can clean your chandelier when we shine up your windows, install holiday decorations, pressure wash your home or office, clean your roof or gutters, and more.

To get a free estimate for chandelier cleaning, or our other services, find your Shine location here.